While making athletes is a top goal of any sports performance coach, there are many things that can be done specific to softball players to both minimize injury and maximize athletic performance.  My initial eye opener to this was an invaluable experience at the University of Louisville, working under Teena Murray (who trains the U of L softball team, one of the top ranked teams in the nation).  Thereafter, researching and reading many other great coaches has led to this blog, which is intended to serve as a knowledge sharing tool for coaching athletic performance with an emphasis on softball.  Be sure to check out the softball specific article links on the right side of this page.  You can also view them by categories as well (training, nutrition, records, etc.).

I am currently lucky enough to be at Northern State University, where I can devote the majority of my time, energy and resources to training our softball team.  This allows for specific training individualization, nutrition coaching, and anything else possible to get the best results for our players.

A few of the team’s accomplishments in 2012, my first year of having the privilege of working with them:

  •           School records for homeruns (tie), hits, doubles, RBI, and stolen bases
  •           School record for wins
  •           Zero major injuries (major injury = missing games due to injury, out for an extended period of time)
  •           Individuals broke school records in doubles, stolen bases, hits, RBI, and runs (including many others within the top 5)
  •           Individual broke school record in pitching appearances
  •           Individual tied for 2nd in school wins for a season
  •           Made the conference tournament for the first time since the conference has expanded

Check out our strength & power improvements from 2012 as well.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love talking about training, nutrition, and sports performance.  One reason I enjoy this so much is the fact that by doing so, we are constantly improving ourselves as coaches and people.  As far as training, health, and nutrition, I can’t think of many other skills that athletes can use every single day of their lives, while getting a return on investment that’s well worth it- less susceptibility to injury, more energy and focus, improved mood and cognitive function, and just being a stronger, faster, athlete!

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You can contact Travis at travis.owen@northern.edu

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